Flow by X2ONE

With the constant advent of new and advanced means of communication desgined to assist in performing our jobs - life should be that much simpler. Right?

X2ONE discovered quite the contrary - unbelievable amounts of precious time spent by every one of us trying to respond to every incoming interaction.

The average person is monitoring phone incoming interactions for a minimum of 4 hours daily (Whatsapp, Voice call, SMS, Social media)

Flow removes the constant need to monitor the incoming interactions, by smartly routing it to available colleagues or automatic engines based on time/location and corporate/personal data driven rules which triggers preset rules.






X2ONE was founded in 2015 by Shmaya Reichman and Yehoshua Teichman, both having vast experience delivering VoIP PBX services to the business sector.

Funded by private investors, X2ONE is recruiting partners around the world to deliver its services on landline and mobile platforms.

x2one is currently supplying MVNE services to MVNOs internationally, empowering the MVNO to keep it's full focus on sales while x2one handle the technical aspects of the business.

Shmaya Reichman

Founder and chairman of X2ONE.
Former Founder & CEO of BH Comm supplying IP telephony solutions.

Yehoshuah Teichman

Founder and CTO of X2ONE.

Experience in R&D, leading teams in developing and implementing VOIP systems.


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