Incorporating the latest in mobile technology, X2ONE enables any mobile device to operate on an expanded platform to include all PBX features previously available only on physical extensions.

Virtual Office

X2ONE enables virtual office communication inter-connecting even international employees in real-time as if they were seated next to each other in a single location. Virtual office allows for enhanced functionality, as with a local PBX, such as call transfer, call forward etc.


X2ONE's PBX platform is cloud-based and allows for quick deployment and easy future expansion at no down-time and extremely low cost. 

Call Center

Using X2ONE to deploy a call center is a simple process and incorporates dynamic routing algorithms which minimizes the use of menus the caller needs to go through to reach their desired extension.


X2ONE Broadcasting allows for dynamic broadcasting based on caller info generated by the CRM/ERP system. The broadcasting content includes commercials and information personally targeted to the caller.



Traditional CRM systems were designed to help manage customers - keeping all info on any customer in one place. X2ONE developed its CRM platform to integrate seamlessly with the communication routing engine to provide all the data needed to trigger the correct routing rules as well as logging all communication interactions. (e.g. client calls – call is automatically routed to correct rep based on history and importance – rep responding to call sees client history).


  •  A user management tool that can effortlessly display every aspect of         communication with Suppliers/Customers as a result of the complete PBX integration.

  • Ability to integrate reseller services seamlessly under your domain

  • Internal Social interaction with Users/Customers in your Company


ERP systems were designed to allow businesses to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate many back office functions. At X2ONE, we took it the next step. Not only will the X2ONE integrated ERP platform allow you to automate functions based on current practices, it is easily programmed with additional customized rules to grow with your business to automate it even further. Think Smart – Think Big!


How often have you used the refrain – "I have to check with a member of our accounting team" simply because you didn't know how to run the spreadsheet or software? Integrating the billing software directly into the X2ONE platform allows for a complete and detailed real-time overview to your (or your customers) business constantly as well as: ​

  • Financial modeling forecast with a sophisticated algorithm designed to enable companies to provide "proof" of future income.


  • Integrated accounting software enabling resellers and customers to deposit/withdraw money to be used against services by users of the system.


  • Simple to use, immediate data query, no fail, no downtime, no loss, fast processing, uploading, Security Price Support -get help fast.


  • Most importantly what makes our product superior than everyone else's community - X2ONE allows new forms created to become available to be used as a template for content sharing immediately.


  • Our team continually uploads templates for your use too. See a form that is better than your present one? Transfer your data at any time.

Payment Processing

Traditional Payment Processing systems weren’t designed to be a part of the wealth of communication means that exist today. X2ONE develops a holistic Payment Processing which integrates seamlessly with the communication routing engine to provide all the data needed for firing the routing rules as well as logging all communication interactions.